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4 Reasons to Choose Axe Throwing as Your Next Corporate Event


Having a strong team is a big part of running a successful company. If you’re looking for a great way to support a more collaborative and engaged team, consider booking an axe-throwing venue for your next corporate team-building event.

JD’s Hideaway in Altus, Oklahoma, and Mankato, Minnesota, give you four reasons why axe throwing is the perfect team-building activity for your next company event. 

1. You Get to Know Coworkers

When co-workers better know each other, they can work better with one another. Axe throwing gives them that opportunity. Friendly competition offers the chance to form solid friendships, bond over commonalities, and understand what motivates one another. 

All in all, axe throwing is a fun game that boosts morale and makes for a spirited, lively, and memorable time to be shared when you’re back in the office. 

2. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall – Axe Throwing is Year-Round

We’re not just referencing James Taylor here. Axe throwing is an activity that you can do any time of the year. So there’s no rush to schedule your corporate event or activity within a certain time frame. Employees can throw axes in a warm, inviting atmosphere in the winter, or get out of the sweltering heat in the summer. 

3. Relieve Work-Related Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of working in the corporate world. Employees can feel exhausted about client issues, deadlines, interpersonal relationships, and more. Picking up an axe, taking it over the head, and throwing it at a wooden target board is a great stress reliever. 

Before you ask — yes, axe throwing is perfectly safe and accessible to anyone, regardless of age or mobility. Even more enticing is the fact that while the team is busy socializing and taking turns in the throwing lanes, you can take your pick from any of our other common stress relievers: delicious, fried foods and alcoholic (as well as non-alcoholic) beverages.

4. Promote Team-Building and Collaboration

When you book an axe-throwing lane at JD’s Hideaway, we don’t just leave you to it. We help set up teams and a scoreboard for extra fun. Employees can work together, strategize, communicate, and collaborate to win. It’s the perfect team-building activity.

For employees that are unsure how to throw an axe, we don’t leave you hanging. 

Our trained staff can help show your employees how to properly throw an axe, with proper grip, stance, and well-adjusted form on their swings follow through. Read our blog on frequently asked questions regarding axe throwing for more information. 

Book Your Next Company Event at JD’s Axe Throwing Bar

JD’s Hideaway in Altus, Ok., loves hosting all types of events. Contact us for more information regarding booking your next corporate event with us. Feel free to ask us any questions about reserving a lane or setting up the location for your event.