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3 Reasons Why Axe Throwing is the Perfect Family Activity


Are you looking for a great family outing on a weeknight or weekend? Our axe-throwing venue might just be the perfect spot for making memories with the kids, and earning some bragging rights for beating them all to the bullseye — and it’s all for an affordable price (25% Off Axe Throwing Lanes Location-Wide in 2022). 

Here are the top three reasons why axe throwing at JD’s Hideaway in Altus and Lawton, Oklahoma, is the perfect family activity.

1. Fun, Friendly Competition 

Axe throwing gets you up, moving, and active. It’s a fun and engaging way to get a bit more exercise than you normally would be getting by just sitting down for a game of cards or even mini-golf! Siblings, parents, and grandparents also get to see who wins more points, and who gets bragging rights on the car ride home. 

It’s also a great photo opportunity! Staged photos are overrated. It’s hard to get that perfect shot of everyone having fun. When you’re axe throwing, it’s a lot easier! You’ll get a unique family photo to put up on your refrigerator or in your family photo scrapbook when you’re done. 

2. Axe Throwing is Accessible & for Everyone

Think about what kind of activity is best for everyone in the family. Are some a little less competitive and active than others, or prefer things other than axe throwing? If that’s the case, you’re spoiled for choice with fun game options. 

Even if some kids are too young for axe throwing, JD’s Hideaway has plenty of other games and activities available, especially at our Lawton, Oklahoma location: 

  • Virtual golfing 
  • Shuffleboard 
  • Darts
  • Pool
  • Arcade games 
  • Cards 

At JD’s, axe throwing is a family activity that’s accessible all year round. It’s done indoors. That means whether you’re dealing with rain, snow, sleet, or too much humidity, you can have fun in a temperature-regulated, spacious atmosphere. 

3. Great Food for the Kids and the Parents 

While you throw axes, you get to take your pick of some of the best drinks and food dishes in town. Our updated lunch menu includes delicious kids meals, healthy and fresh salads, and our classic (in-house favorites) burgers and wings. 

Don’t worry about all of the delicious, deep-fried guilty pleasure foods widening your waistline — you’ll work those carbs right off with a few throws of an axe! It’s great cardio and an equally great stress reliever. 

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