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Axe Throwing is the Perfect Team-Building Activity (5 Reasons Why)


Are you thinking about a great company team-building activity but aren’t sure what activity to choose? You probably have a staff of diverse employees, people with vastly different backgrounds, personalities, and perspectives. 

There has to be a fun activity that works for everyone…right? JD’s Hideaway in Lawton and Altus, OK., has you covered. 

Throwing some axes at a wooden target board and sharing a few drinks could be the best way to develop a stronger, more cohesive team. Here are some of the benefits:
  • Fun, novel and memorable experience
  • Promotes teamwork and collaboration 
  • Helps employees and teams bond

In today’s post, JD’s Hideaway gives the top five reasons why axe throwing is the perfect team-building activity. 


1. Friendly Competition

Having a fun competition between employees and employers can be loads of fun and build a stronger team spirit. JD’s Hideaway is a veteran-owned establishment. We know what it takes to form a tight-knit, high-performance team that gets results. 

Team members have to relate to one another and get used to working together towards a common goal. In this case, it’s about getting more axe throws to hit the bullseye. 

2. Year-Round Access

Unlike most company activities, like volleyball, for example, axe throwing is available all year round, even during the coldest of winters and hottest of summers. JD’s Hideaway axe throwing bar offers an excellent atmosphere that makes for a great space to drink, throw axes, eat hand-breaded foods, socialize and have fun no matter the time of year. 

3. Relate to Your Co-Workers

It’s a fun way to get to know who your coworkers are and what they’re like outside of the office. Axe throwing is an activity that lets people open up, show more of themselves, and give more opportunities to relate to one another. When team members relate to each other, they work better together. 

4. Relieve Work-Related Stress

Co-workers and bosses can finally get a break from the daily grind with a cathartic stress reliever. Hearing your axe “thud” on the wooden target board is incredibly satisfying. That satisfaction is a shared experience that can be associated with other team members. 

5. Opportunity to Collaborate

Axe throwing gives your team some practice when it comes to working together, solving problems, and pumping one another up to win. Each team member can work to get something done to reach a clear and definite goal. This creates a collaborative and synergistic team. 

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