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Is Axe Throwing Fun?


Axe throwing is growing in popularity across America for one reason: It’s pretty dang fun. Long gone are the bowling leagues of yore. Say hello to axe throwing leagues. They’re springing up just about everywhere, and alongside them, axe-throwing bars.

Today, axe throwing bars and venues are increasingly seen as great alternatives to the classic after-work hang-out spot at a local bar, where friends or co-workers would grab beers and gather around a pool table or dartboard. 

Unlike a normal bar, an axe throwing bar takes the fun to another level.

In today’s blog, JD’s Hideaway gives you the top five reasons why Axe throwing is ridiculously fun — and easier to do than you’d think!

Axe Throwing Can Be an Easy Core Workout

Axe throwing offers a nice, low-impact workout for your core, even your shoulders, triceps, and back if you’re throwing with good form. You really don’t have to be strong to throw an axe. Hitting the target is about good technique, after all. 

Before you ask. No. Axe throwing isn’t an actual workout. But it does get your body up and moving, and your eyes off that computer screen and onto a bullseye board. 

Keep in mind that the standard throwing axe or hatchet is between 1.25 to 2.25 lbs. Granted, in the instance that you’re too weak to throw one properly, you’ll be asked to refrain for the sake of safety.

Bond with Other People

If there’s one thing that Robert Putnam’s classic book, “Bowling Alone,” has shown us (along with modern day-to-day life), it’s that having close-knit communities is lacking among Americans. People are pretty isolated. Meeting up for a game of axe throwing helps you build camaraderie — which is a heck of a lot of fun. 

Axe throwing instills a healthy competition and gets everyone engaged in an exciting, novel activity. This is the stuff that bonds people together and gives them a story to share in the future — filled with one or two inside jokes. 

Get Some Fast-Paced Adrenaline

Sure. Too much adrenaline isn’t good for your health. We’re talking about high blood pressure and a slew of other symptoms we’d all rather avoid. However…getting a little bit of adrenaline gives you a nice emotional high and that means fun. 

Axe throwing is not only fast-paced and engaging, it gives you just enough adrenaline to get you into a state of having fun. By the end of it, you might be asking yourself where the time went!  

Axe Throwing is Easy to Learn

Axe throwing is pretty easy to learn. If something is hard, it’s often no fun. If it’s easy to get the hang of, a fun time is just a moment away. Our staff at JD’s Hideaway can take a few minutes to show you the ropes of how to throw if you’re a newbie. 

That way, you can get started with axe throwing immediately, all without having to be some high-performance athlete. That’s right. There’s no need to reenact a Rocky montage by drinking raw-egg protein shakes and running up flights of stairs. Axe throwing might even be easier than bowling — and we mean no disrespect to The Dude’s favorite pastime. 

Something New to Do

Change, novelty and new stimuli are, by definition, what most people consider to be fun. Learning a new skill like axe throwing is always sure to be a fun experience that stays with you long after it’s over. 

The novelty of axe throwing in America is still something to consider. It isn’t just your usual run-of-the-mill night out on the town. It’s definitely different and something you should consider trying at least once. 

Have Fun with Axe Throwing at JD’s Hideaway

Axe throwing is for everyone to enjoy, no matter the age or gender — children, teenagers, parents, and grandparents. 

Visit our axe throwing bar in Altus, Oklahoma, and bring your friends and family for a fun experience. Check out our menu or contact us for more information about hosting your event or party.