Is Axe Throwing Dangerous?

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Well, you might think combining high-volume alcoholic beverages with casual ax-throwing sounds like a dangerous outcome waiting to happen. Surprisingly, it’s not what you might think. 

In today’s blog post, JD’s Hideaway covers some of the reasons as to whether or not ax-throwing is dangerous. 

How Long Have Ax-Throwing Bars Been a Thing?

Ax throwing bars have been popping up across America since the trend got started in 2006, in Toronto, Canada of all places. Yup. You heard it right. 

Throwing axes, wearing flannel and drinking alcohol might sound like the most red-blooded American thing you can do, but the fact that ax-throwing bars started in Canada is just as surprising as why they continue to be incredibly safe venues and widely popular among people from a variety of demographics and age ranges. 

So, Is Ax-Throwing Dangerous?

In short…No! It’s pretty darn safe. Even running your hand on the metal edges of the axes won’t cut you. These little hatchets are relatively dull and made for throwing at a porous wooden board that’s 12ft away; they’re not for cutting down trees or being a handyman — and thank goodness for that! 

What if I Make a Throwing Mistake?

If you’re worried about missing the target and having your ax land in someone’s burger, don’t stress it. Every single lane has a safety guard rail and guidance markers for where to place your ax. Lanes are designed to ensure there are no runaway axes. 

Safety Factors to Ease a First-Time Ax-Thrower’s Concerns

There are three core factors that make an ax-throwing bar safer than you’d suspect. 

  1. Axes are nearly the size of hammers, incapable of doing serious cutting
  2. Knowledgeable bar staff is there to assist and give guidance, if need be
  3. You’re farther apart from others, making accidents difficult to achieve

Expert Teaching Staff

If it’s your first time, or you need a refresher, JD’s is here to help. Every ax-throwing venue (including ours) has someone on site that can show you the ropes and guide you through the basics of proper ax-throwing, as well as standard safety procedures.  

What to Wear for Saftey 

When you’re throwing axes, it’s important to wear loose but fitted clothing, nothing that hangs, drags or could impair your motion when tossing an ax. It’s also important that you wear closed-tip shoes, no sandleas or Crocs with socks — please!

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