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How to Throw an Axe – JD’s Hideaway Explains


Ax throwing might seem daunting at first, but with a few throwing tips, it’s pretty easy. And it’s a heck of a lot of fun once you know how to throw your ax the right way. 

“Why?” you ask. Well, it’s really worth learning. Throwing axes or small hatchets into wooden boards is, if nothing else, cathartic, fun and relaxing — think of it like throwing darts or playing some pool after work, but with a bit of an edge. 

In today’s post, JD’s Hideaway gives you some hot tips on how to throw an ax correctly. 

How to Throw an Axe Like a Pro: Techniques & Tips

For any throw you make, step towards the line with your non-dominant foot and imagine bridging the butt of the ax straight to the bullseye. Once the ax is at eye level, let it loose. 

A good ax throw should be one smooth continuous motion, with a stable wrist and arm. Your ax shouldn’t go flying towards the target. It should only rotate about one time before firmly landing on the wooden target board.

Find a Good Stance

Stand directly in line with the bull’s eye, for a two-handed throw. For single-arm throws, your throwing arm and shoulder should be directly aligned to the bull’s eye.

Two-Handed Ax Throwing Guide

For two-handed throws, grip the ax handle with the dominant hand on top, with the thumb up, and the non-dominant hand below, with the thumb up. No need for a tight grip, just a light, yet stable grip will do. 

Bring the hilt slightly above and behind your head, rock the body forward and release it right at the line of vision. Don’t bother with flicking the wrist or trying to rotate the ax. Your body’s natural momentum during the follow-through will do the work.

One-Handed Ax Throwing Guide

For a single-handed throw, grip the handle comfortably wherever you feel most comfortable, then just bring the ax back over your throwing arm’s shoulder, lean slightly back on your back foot, bring your motion forward and release at eye level — viola! 

You’ve got yourself a winning ax throw!

The Perfect Ax-Throwing Technique

Oh, want to know the secret, the quick and dirty? It’s all about your follow-through. When it comes to tossing an ax, you’ll want to eventually develop your own style that works for you. But you definitely don’t want to throw too hard, since you’ll lose accuracy that way. 

Get a Grip!

Instead, hold a light, steady grip and use your body’s momentum to get a fluid follow-through. This means that the elbow and body move in the same direction. 

Get your Form Down!

Similar to swinging a baseball bat, you don’t come up short once you’ve hit the ball. You give way to the momentum. Let your hands just swing down after releasing the ax once it reaches eye level. 

So, there you have it, a beginner’s guide to ax throwing. Now you’re ready to throw like a pro, win a game and get some bragging rights. Or, you can just hang out, drink craft beer on tap and listen to live music while eating our delicious finger food. JD’s Hideaway offers a casual and laid-back atmosphere. 

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